Best Habits For UPSC IAS Aspirants

Many UPSC IAS  Exam aspirants eager to know the formula to crack UPSC  Civil Services Exams . They frequently wanted to know the strategies of successful IAS candidates  and so that they use that strategy  during their preparation phase.

The answer for that question is no . Because there is no such strategy or any formula  at all according to the best IAS academy in Delhi. But there are few great habits which make aspirants  successful in this UPSC IAS Exam. There are few habits which are common to all candidates who cracked the UPSC IAS Exam, can also help you to crack this prestigious examination.

1- All the candidates who cracked this examination were able to use their time very effectively. They knew how to use their time effectively while preparation or during the mock tests. So Time Management is key which every aspiring UPSC candidate must know.

2- All the selected candidates were aware of selective reading. Every book written in any particular subject, practically not possible in this UPSC Exam. So they knew how to prioritize resources in the given time. This examination is all about information so you must know how to use any information to crack this examination.

3-  Every selected candidate  prepared notes for their revision. They knew the benefit of  the notesmaking during this preparation journey. So all the aspiring candidates are suggested to prepare notes to better understand and to revise the concepts.

4- Selected candidates solved previous years question papers of the UPSC to get an idea about the pattern and types of questions. Then they planned their preparation . Apart from all this they practice mock tests as much as possible to know their strength and weakness. With this they solve their problem of time management.

5- All the selected candidates are very much consistent . They were having a good reading habit which they developed over the time. Daily reading of newspapers, current affairs and notes which are very essential to keep yourself informed about India and World. They used all these resources very well to crack this UPSC Examination.

6- Knowledge is very good information in the UPSC Examination but it’s useless

If  you are not able to use that knowledge in your examination. So all the selected candidates revise everything 3 to 4 times before the examination.

An act done for 21 days becomes a habit , so every aspirant must follow these habits to crack UPSC IAS Examination.