Common Mistakes in IAS Exam Preparation

UPSC IAS Exam is the toughest exam in a country where lakhs of aspirants appear every year in this exam to becoming an officer in India but only few aspirants make it into the final list.So if any aspirant wish to clear UPSC Exam he must avoid some most common mistakes for the selection in most prestigious Civil Services Exam.In this article most common mistakes are addressed to avoid while preparing for IAS Exam.

Mistake 1

It is related to the UPSC Syllabus.Many aspirants start their preparation without understanding the syllabus or not follow the syllabus during preparation. They must not forget that the UPSC Syllabus is the most important aspect of the exam. Syllabus must be used as a boundary line . Hence aspirants are advised to follow the syllabus.

Mistake 2

It is related to the Study Plan. Many aspirants in fact does not have any plan for exam. UPSC Exam is a year long process so aspirants  required a proper study plan. Aspirants have to chart out the plan and  stick to that plan. They must have a daily, weekly and monthly plan for their preparation.

Mistake 3

It is related to the Resources.Aspirants do not follow the NCERT books. These  books are very basic in nature but very important to read. Aspirants always rush towards advanced text books and ignore NCERT books.

Mistake 4

It is related to Multiple Resources. Aspirants follow the multiple resources for  one topic This is a grave mistake.

All the aspirants must follow only one or two resources for any topic.

Mistake 5

It is related to  Current Affairs.  Aspirants do not give sufficient time to current affairs . Some time aspirants cover current affairs from the wrong source.Current affair is  a very important part of the exam so they have to cover current affairs on a daily basis.

Mistake 6

It is related to Notes Making. Many

aspirants ignore this advice of notes making. Notes will help all the aspirants  to revise quickly before the preliminary and mains examination.So notes making is must in this examination.

Mistake 7

It is related to a Mock Test. Aspirants are not serious about practicing the mock test. If any aspirant  will look into previous year question papers of UPSC Exam, he will have a good idea about questions asked in the exam and direction of his preparation and from practicing mock tests he will know about his strength and weakness.

Mistake 8

It is related to a Revision. Aspirants do not revise before the exam as it is very crucial for success in UPSC IAS Exam.

From the revision you will be able to recollect important information during the exam so every aspirant must do proper revision.

Mistake 9

It is related to Quality Reading. Many aspirants believe that reading 15 or 16 hours a day is necessary for clearing UPSC IAS Exam. This is a myth which is not possible with full concentration. You should read 6 to 8 hours consistently.Study must be quality based if you want to crack IAS Exam. 

Mistake 10

It is related to Newspaper reading.

Many aspirants read a newspaper whole day or giving  too much time for the newspaper and ignoring the other subjects. Which is not a proper way.

They have to give equal proportion of time to every subject if they want to Crack UPSC IAS Exam .