How to crack IAS in first attempt

Union Public Service Commission is a body that conducts the Civil Services Examination every year. Aspirants from all over India appear in this exam. About 6 to 8 lakh aspirants fill the application form for this exam but 800 to 900 aspirants get their name in the final list. Out of these selected candidates, only less than a hundred candidates are those who made it in their first attempt. So here they are few but what is so special in these candidates? How did they crack the IAS Exam in the very first attempt? What was the strategy that they followed in the UPSC Preparation? Here we will answer every question regarding strategy about How to crack IAS Exam in the first attempt? 

Understand the syllabus:

Many IAS aspirants feel that the syllabus of the UPSC Exam is of no use but this is the first wrong step. If you want to crack the IAS Exam in the first attempt then you have to understand the syllabus. You have to think that content given in the syllabus is something that you have studied before but here from the help of the syllabus you will have an idea about the required direction for the preparation. So divide the syllabus into many sections and proceed with your preparation plans. 

Study according to syllabus: 

Aspirants who are going to appear for UPSC CSE Exam have to plan their strategy according to the syllabus that starts with mains and pre-examination syllabus together and understand the pattern for both as for both the phases syllabus is slightly different.

Work on your Basics 

Aspirants should focus on understanding the basic knowledge in the initial phase of preparation. For this they must know the source. For this purpose, they can go through the NCERT books which is very important.

Current Affairs

Aspirants are advised to read one or two newspapers daily. For this purpose, they have to keep an eye on important government websites.It must be followed by one monthly current affairs magazine to keep yourself updated.

Notes Making 

In the UPSC Exam you have to read everything under the sun and the same time you have to reproduce it in the exam so without notes it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to keep everything in mind in the exam.So you have to prepare notes for current affairs and other subjects according to your need.

Mock Tests 

This is a key to crack the IAS Exam in the first attempt. For this you have to start with UPSC last year Questions. By solving this you will get the idea about the questions asked in the UPSC IAS Exam and after this, you have to solve mock tests as much as you can.By doing this you will have a better idea about your preparation and about your weakness.


Revision is very important in the UPSC IAS Exam whatever you have prepared.

You have to revise everything at least 3 to 4 times before the examination. You can not skip any topic in this exam. Here you have to follow your notes if you want to Crack IAS Exam in First Attempt. Revise everything.

Routine and Proper Sleep

All the aspirants should follow the proper routine and disciplined life during the preparation phases. They have to chart out their plan for daily, weekly, and monthly plans.They have to be ahead of time if they want to Crack IAS Exam in the first attempt and at the same time, they have to maintain their health. Do some exercise and have proper sleep because this is a year-long journey. So prepare well for this exam.