How To Prepare Notes For UPSC IAS Exam

Most common questions asked by the many UPSC Civil Services Exam Aspirants regarding making notes are; why it is necessary to make notes every day? How to make notes from such voluminous study material? Is there any time when one should start making notes? So here we will provide a detailed UPSC Notes Making Strategy.

1- Notes making is an essential part of your UPSC Preparation but that doesn’t mean you start making notes from the very first day when you start reading.In the first reading of your textbooks don’t start making notes there and then.First time just read , understand and only underline in the book.In the second time reading you are ready to make notes because while second time reading you will better understand important points that are necessary to remember.

2- While making notes aspirants should keep one thing in his mind that notes must be crisp and easy to understand. Don’t just make it another textbook. Write in bullet points because long paragraphs do not add extra value to your notes. To write in bullet points is  the best way so practice in this way.

3- Sometime you have to update your notes because the UPSC IAS Exam is a year long process.In this period of time things change, many new developments will be there so it would be difficult to update notes in your notebook so try to use a digital platform.

4- Still many aspirants did not find it easy to use digital platforms so all such aspirants are suggested to use A4 size paper loose sheet for notes preparation. Don’t use register for notes making because register acts as a barrier when it comes to adding any updation in any particular topic

5- Notes making is always looks like lengthy process but this is the most beneficial part of your preparation.So try to make notes on every subject, notes must be short because it is very useful for last-minute revision.

6- When it comes to a making notes of current affairs from newspaper, editorial then you have to be very careful. Because these are directly or indirectly related to some or other subjects. So make notes from these sources in bullet points, after this you have to relate it with subjects and use all these points in your answer for fetching very good marks in UPSC Exam.

7- While making notes aspirants may do some experiments according to their needs . Like aspirants may use diagrams, flowcharts, infographics etc.

It would be easy to remember for all of you. Aspirants may use any techniques according to their situation and need .