IAS Preparation Tips for College Students

We received many calls, emails and comments from IAS aspirants who are in the last year of college or just started college asking for how to start IAS preparation during these days. So here is a detailed strategy to all aspirants who are currently studying  in their college and planning to appear in IAS examination later.

In this regard , the first and very important point is to understand the UPSC Civil Services Exam. What is the  pattern of this exam, eligibility criteria etc. You have to think about your college studies like in which year you are? How many semesters are left? What is in the syllabus and required passing marks? etc in short at the same time you have to understand your academic year also because you can not leave your academics behind .In the same way you have to approach the UPSC IAS Exam. Try to understand the demand of the IAS Exam and What is the expectation of UPSC from young aspirants.

After the change in the pattern of UPSC Exam ,UPSC expects aspirants having quality of  sound judgement, good knowledge.It does not want aspirants who are rote learner in this IAS Exam.So in the new pattern optional papers have been removed from prelims  and restricted to only one optional with two papers in mains examination. Weightage of General Studies papers increased after these pattern changes.

Due to the increased importance of general studies paper in  IAS Examination you have to start your preparation with GS papers during your college days. This would be a good start of  your preparation of the UPSC Exam.

 From Where To Start 

Before going into a huge list of books we would suggest you to develop a habit of reading any good newspaper like The Hindu or Indian Express followed by monthly compilation of any good current affairs magazine.This is essential as you will get knowledge of your surroundings, India and World.

The Next Step

After developing a habit of newspaper reading ,you have to start your preparation of general studies subjects like history, geography, polity, economy etc.So at this stage you have to cover NCERTs related to these subjects. All these books will prepare you for the next step.As you are in college so don’t try to overburden yourself. Follow the process as you will have enough time to complete all these books.

Optional Subjects

As you are in college,so don’t be in the rush to do all things and endup by getting nothing. Options paper is a part of mains examination so if you are in college don’t bother about subject selection .In this time what you can do is if you wish to opt your graduation subject as an optional subject then go through UPSC Syllabus and understand it carefully then take any decision and other college students may choose their optional only if they are done with general studies preparation very well.

So the purpose of this discussion was to make you realize that the UPSC IAS Exam is not just an exam it’s a process.

Exam preparation required constant effort. Start your preparation from where you are, irrespective of educational background, and trust your journey.