one belt one road

S.R.E.B – Silk Road Economic Belt (Overland)

M.S.R – 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Sea



Connectivity and cooperation

People’s Republic of China with Eurasia


Middle East, Africa, Europe


Via the landlocked central Asian and littoral south east asia nations.


What is it made of?

Highways, overland Rail router, Ports, Gas Pipelines, other infrastructure.

(Infrastructure is just a part of OROB)


Trains Running Already from China

Duisbury Germany Madrid – Spain

Tehran – Iran


Aims stated by China

Historical Heritage – Silk route


Cultural rejuvenation – people to people

Trade and economic co-operation

Standardized and linked trade facilities financial integration.


Where will the money come from?


Asian infrastructure investment Bank AIIB


India Member


China Development Bank – CDB

Silk Road Fund

NDB – BRICS – India member


Why China needs OROB?

  • Energy Needs
  • Regional Disparities – South and eastern China laggin behind.
  • Manufacturing Boom is unsustainable
  • Integration of Economy
  • Tapping into new and under Developed regions
  • Global Dominance


India’s objections

  • Exact details are sketchy/not available
  • Territorial integrity of India in Kashmir
  • CPEC
  • String of Pearls
  • Indian Ocean Dominance
  • Geo Strategic implications


Positives for India

  • Huge economic boost
  • Integration with Eurasia
  • Infrastructure demand met
  • Trust build up with China


Difficulties in China’s Way

  • South china Sea Dispute
  • Senkaku island Dispute with Japan
  • India !!
  • Cultural Differences
  • Different status of Economics