Top 5 mantra to crack UPSC exam

If you think about become an IAS officer then you have to be consistent with your action and performance. It’s a long time process, which requires persistence and patience. You have to work hard with the hints of smartness. Here is the most important thing is you have to be must an excellent grip of general Studies. Here’ is the top 5 success mantra is given below.

1.must have books for your preparation

The NCERT books is enough to the preparation for UPSC prelims. When it comes to preliminary examination many of the questions are asked directly or indirectly from NCERT itself. After completion of NCERT books take some idea from ICSE books and there are some standard books. Which will help you to build an analytical base. This is going to help you to develop a basic idea about all GS subjects (Economy ,History ,polity .geography, environment, ecology) etc.

2.Make Revision and read newspaper

If you are studying around 5 hours then sincerely dedicated to 2 hours for Revision. This will sharpen your answer before the examination. Regular Revision makes you perfectly preparation for your examination. The newspaper provide information about current affairs which is indispensable for both IAS prelims and mains papers. The significance of reading newspapers for UPSC exam has increased tremendously.

3.Practice is more important-

The whole concept of UPSC exam preparation is dependent on a lot of practice. So practice is very important for us. You have to practice regularly, you have to write answer regularly and appear mock test- to check your preparation potential. The near perfection helps to you crack this examination. The more you practice before examination in the better Mark’s you can score in the real examination. It is important for aspirants to practice writing well framed answers covering all the dimensions with in the stipulated time.

4.Stay motivated your preparation

 Motivation is very important as preparation of UPSC examination. You have to stay motivated throughout your preparation. If you want to become a winner then you must learn to walk alone first. Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t pretend that you do and some point you will. Dreaming is not a bad but you should understand that daydreaming or letting your imagination run wild,will motivate you momentarily.

5.Healthy lifestyle

The foundation of success in life is good health’’

You have to be physically and mentally fit throughout your preparation because your level of fitness is directly proportional to your efficiency.  So follow healthy food habits and don’t eat a lot of junk foods, keep a minimal and consume more green leafy vegetable and drink more water, and maintain oxygen levels of your body. Here are some essential tips for a healthy body and mind.

  1. Sustainable weight management
  2. Prevent diseases and improve mood
  3. Longevity life
  4. Maintained diet and exercise regularly